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Drink Up, Dive In!

Do or Dive | 1108 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.

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Finding new haunts upon our return to the land of plenty has proven to be more challenging than anticipated. New York has seemingly slid backward over the last three years of our self-imposed exile. One rough in the rough has been the Do or Die bar in our temerity adopted neighborhood of Bed-Stuy. 

70s sleaze meets misfit edge of town watering hole. The kind of place Travis Bickle would hang out in between Taxi shifts. “You talking to me?” There is a festive loner atmosphere but everyone joins in periodically to sing along when one of the punk, rock, or metal song that everyone knows by heart thunders across the sound system.  It is both a great place to be anonymous, taking up in a dark corner or mingling the crowd of strange characters. 

Although relatively new the bar takes on an authentically aged persona of sleazy and filthy legitimacy. The tufted red pleather booths, Countless vintage beer signs, and impressive alternative sticker collection cling to the ceiling and walls in defiance. The drink offerings are creative if not completely odd. There are no official menus but astute customers can discern the handmade signs speckled about describing the concoctions. “That Coffee Thing” is a house specialty, a slushie consisting of coffee liqueur, milk, and brandy served in a Greek paper coffee cup. Another signature cocktail is the “Worlds Best Bloody Mary”, which takes the traditional and pushes it way over the top, garnished with a mountain of various pickled fair, complete with a Bud light sidecar. There are several craft beers available on tap, but they represent with the typical hipster fair, like a Miller High Life as well. The spacious patio provides a nice area to grab a smoke while still staying close to your beverage of choice. 

Soundtrack: “HazeMaze” Fuzz, Fuzz



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