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When the history of my life is taken down I will not be mentioned.

Why Can’t We Drink Forever

Frank’s Cocktail Lounge |  660 Fulton St, Fort Greene


Frank’s Lounge is a no frills, all soul, Iconic Neighborhood Bar. A cozy space with a heavy history hanging all around it. 

Not being able to stomach the clientele and the new thing same as the old thing vibe of several of the other here today gone tomorrow bars in the area, I stepped into Frank’s around the close of the working day. I was welcomed like a regular with an ice cold beer served old school with an cocktail napkin stuffed in the neck of the bottle. Every new bar and restaurant in the area seems to strive for “neighborhood” appeal, but Frank’s is the real thing.

Frank Perkins, the bar’s owner and name sake since it was established in 1974 still feels present in the space with a portrait of him and his wife prominently hung In Memoriam.


The atmosphere is genuine and inviting. A stuccoed ceilings, resemble the white icing atop red-velvet cake, frames the dark wood bar, a modern jukebox mostly turns out soul and R&B but they allow patrons to run the song selection with an app. Live bands frequently play on a stage it the back of house with a surprisingly good sound for the small space, DJs and Karaoke nights fill out the entertainment but there doesn’t seem to be any ready made schedule so you just have to take what comes and go with it.

If you just want to get away from the new and get a small taste for the flavors of the time when social had a place to be, then Frank's Lounge is the place! 

Soundtrack: “Rainy Night In Georgia” by Brook Benton